Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Baldfaced Hornet Nest at Midwein

After lunch today at work I glanced over at a tree not too far from out work site and found an abandoned next of the Baldfaced Hornet.  Lucky for me no one was home and I could take some pictures.  Not sure what happened to the nest...probably wind damage but I like to think a confused bear was in the area looking for Hornet Honey?...just kidding.

Baldfaced HornetDolichovespula maculataFamily Vespidae

he baldfaced hornet gets its name from the ivory-white markings on the face.  The thorax, legs and abdomen also have white markings. The queen collects cellulose from weathered and rotting wood, chews the wood adding her saliva, and takes this paste and makes a papery material to construct the nest. Baldfaced hornets can be considered a beneficial insect in that they reduce populations of unwanted insects (including other yellowjackets) and will help pollinate flowers when they are searching for nectar.