Friday, May 25, 2012

Climbing Mt. Hood: On The Bucket List

A while back I went on a trip to Bend, Oregon with the soil Judging Team at NIU. The landscapes there were vastly different than anything I ever have seen. Oregon is a state that has huge volcanic mountains, tall pine forests, craters, and desert areas....and much more...for sure Oregon is in my top 5 states visited thus far. Anyway one image I will not ever shake is driving by Mt. Hood. This mountain has an iconic look about it that shouts to me that it must be climbed. I recently found a video from a local PBS station in Oregon talking about the history and excitement of climbing Mt Hood. I have to visit soon.

Watch Season 23, Episode 14 on PBS. See more from Oregon Field Guide.

A Picture I took of Mt. Hood on my soils trip to Oregon with NIU