Friday, August 19, 2011

Going Pro.....Finally

Going pro has been a dream of mine for a long time...when I was a kid..I wanted to be a pro baseball player..well I made it through high school and had enough...then when I was 16 I wanted to be a pro race car driver...until I realized how hard it was to control a car at 100mph going into a corner....then at some point I realized that I had to go to long story short and 4 years dot dot..

As of this upcoming Monday I will be going pro....going pro as in I will be a professional student...In other terms that means I am getting paid to go to school...its really a magical idea but in the long run it still costs me some money...I have been awarded a teaching assistantship (TA) in my department which gives me my own office and two classes to oversee...I also was giving the interesting position of being the undergraduate advisor....basically students will be coming to me in order to plan their path to graduation...I don't know why the department picked me but I enjoy the responsibility that comes with it...I also am taking three classes this semester which makes my work load a little hard to look at but I think over the 16 week marathon that is a college wont be so bad...I am thankful for my new responsibilities and am happy to be finally going pro at something.. :)


  1. I love reading your blogs, you write just like you talk! :) and I got a kick out of "dot dot dot" even though the dots are literally there. hehe. Well Mr. Brightside, as much as I would love to support you in any of your pursuits, I have to admit that I'm bit happy (aka relieved) that your desire to be a profession race car driver zooming 100mph into a tight corner has somewhat faded. Though I do have to say that I have been more than happy to watch and be a part of your desire and passion for geography. I would be considered a muggle if it weren't for you! I'm very proud of your for your willingness and ambition in taking on this semester. You will make a fantastic undergraduate advisor. I am looking forward to seeing your new office, you know the kind of office that professionals have! Congrats!

  2. How cool! I had wanted to be a TA but couldn't because I teach full-time. It seems like it would be fun to advise kids.

  3. so far so good...I got my own office and everything...though open office hours are a little long when no one comes to visit....thank god for all that reading I get should follow my blog..I will keep u updated on the TA world