Monday, July 11, 2011

On The Juice...

One of my hobbies is watching documentaries..I seem to find a lot of random ones on amazon instant video..A couple weeks ago I watched a documentary called "fat...sick...and nearly dead"....I wasn't sure at first if its purpose was to promote a protect or just be a new diet fad that seemed a little I spent 2hrs one week night finding out....what I did find was a revaluation of an idea that I had a while back...that I needed a juicer!!.

..You see the movie follows this guy from down under (Joe Cross)...he comes to America with an idea..that for 60 days he will drink nothing but juice made from the freshest fruits and vegetables...he has a juicer in his car..that he takes with him from farmers stores...and roadside stands across America... he meets a lot of people who are disgusted and some actually give it a shot... guy who gives it a shot goes from within 10lbs of me...pretty much a 200lb loss in two months by just juicing and doing some exercise.... to find out more check out the movie site...

I am telling you this because I wanna give juicing a try...I bought myself a nice juicer...and lots of fruits and vegetables... I wont go as long as the fellows in the movie cause I don't need to lose that much...but starting tomorrow...July 12...all the way until... July 21...I am going to be juicing for every meal...the 10 days should provide a cleansing of my body while also losing around 10lbs....the idea is to reset the taste buds and my current diet so that after the juicing period is over I can start off fresh and actually eat food that's good for me and I can continue juicing (probably down one meal a day)...I don't know what the final result will be but its an experiment in health that I am really excited about.. wish me are some pics of my set up..Ill provide some updates in the days to come..

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  1. well, Mr. Brightside, I like the bright colors of all the fruits and veggies. 5 a day the colorful way is going to take a new meaning, huh? So did you find a recipe or just make it up? I watched the trailer for Joe's film, which we have to watch together! and I like that they show him working out as well. It's always good to emphasize that a change in eating usually goes along with a change in thinking and a change in exercise habits. But hey, with marathon training, you should be good to go, right ;) I also like that his page states the 60 days was to prepare for a diet change, it was not the diet live a fluids only would be a bit extreme, but a week (or in his case a lil longer) cleansing seems slightly more reasonable. With the cleansing, though, I"m wondering if that will make you sick? Either way, I"m very proud of you and excited for you to try this...though I still think you're slightly crazy, but hey, you're going after something positive and that's cool :)