Friday, July 29, 2011

A piece of FUNNEL cake!

Today was a remarkable day in the life of me....Today I spotted my first tornado!!...This is something I have had on my bucket list (actually to get within a mile of one....mission accomplished)....thanks to the help of my lovely photographer riding shot gun we got that sucker...right before it decided to go back copilot was a little scared in the moment but after it was all over she was thankful we were there to see it up close...and to think there were mostly blue skies outside today....very strange if you ask on fellow storm is picture.....


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Life has been really streaming by lately and I really have been neglecting this blog among many other car is in the is a little tight and I haven't been meeting my goals in other areas...well that all stops tonight....I will wake up tomorrow a new man with new confidence in my goals and in my faith that it will all work out...because as a little token in my desk says..."with god all things are possible" so I choose to keep my focus there and no where else...the next few weeks until school starts up will be a little stressful but I do know that it is mostly out of my hands and I can only do what god allows me...carpe the dream...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

When Nature Calls...Answer

my new buddy snappy

I was working "hard" today when I stumbled upon an old (or should I say young) friend. This is a american snapper turtle or Chelydra serpentina for you scientifics out version (see hand for scale)..

According to (canada)...the common snapper can attain a shell length of up to 50 cm (19.5 in.) and weight exceeding 15 kg (33 lb.). Its serpentine neck, massive head, muscular legs, and relatively long tail make it seem even larger. It is estimated that they can live 30 to 40 years in the wild, perhaps even longer. These turtles consume various aquatic plants and animals, including fish, frogs, birds and small mammals. They are also scavengers, eating dead fish and drowned mammals.

Snappers are generally nocturnal. During the day, they bury themselves into the bottom mud or sand, and wait to for prey to swim by. At night, they usually are more active, foraging and pursuing their food.

Common snapping turtles become dormant during the winter. Quite often, they bury themselves into muddy bottoms of ponds for long periods of time. Mating occurs in the water, usually in early spring, and females begin to migrate toward traditional nesting areas, sometimes traveling more than 10 km (6 mi.) away. Nesting usually occurs from May to June. The females lay white round eggs, and the young usually hatch in September or early October.

Common snapping turtles are defensive if confronted on land, but in the water, they usually slip quietly away from any disturbance. They usually prefer slow-moving water with a muddy bottom and plenty of vegetation; they are found in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.

They occur in the eastern two-thirds of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and in southern Canada from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan.

to think all that from the little guy in my hand...I hope you learned something..and like/respect our turtle friends a little more..

snappy back safely in the water

Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As you will come to find out...I tend to watch a lot of movies and more specifically documentaries. Today while surfing the web wasting away in my computer chair...I stumbled across a real gem...its called "between the folds"....usually I stick to nature and sports films but sometimes other genres seem to strike the right cord...the movie in question is about paper folding and in a way...origami but with a complex twist. My appreciation for abstract arts has grown since I purchased another documentary called.."rivers and tides" by andy goldsworthy..which I also recommend...but anyway if your free one night and really enjoy amazing art that is simple in the idea but results in masterpieces...check it out...I came away stunned and quite enlightened about what a plain old piece of paper can the right hands..

here is a brief synopsis..."award–winning documentary Between the Folds chronicles the stories of ten fine artists and intrepid theoretical scientists who have abandoned careers and scoffed at hard–earned graduate degrees—all to forge unconventional lives as modern–day paperfolders."

...the trailer...enjoy

Watch the full episode. See more Independent Lens.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

here goes nothing...


2 apples (fuji)
2 large carrots
1 handful of blueberries
8 Strawberries

Drink up!

To explain this idea of juicing a little more.

..The idea is that by juicing you are super charging your system because you get all the nutrients with out all the mass of actually consuming a entire produce section from a grocery store...most people do not eat enough of all these great little vitamins....junk food fills us up with fat and oils and by eating just fruits and vegetables I should see amazing health benefits..

Monday, July 11, 2011

On The Juice...

One of my hobbies is watching documentaries..I seem to find a lot of random ones on amazon instant video..A couple weeks ago I watched a documentary called "fat...sick...and nearly dead"....I wasn't sure at first if its purpose was to promote a protect or just be a new diet fad that seemed a little I spent 2hrs one week night finding out....what I did find was a revaluation of an idea that I had a while back...that I needed a juicer!!.

..You see the movie follows this guy from down under (Joe Cross)...he comes to America with an idea..that for 60 days he will drink nothing but juice made from the freshest fruits and vegetables...he has a juicer in his car..that he takes with him from farmers stores...and roadside stands across America... he meets a lot of people who are disgusted and some actually give it a shot... guy who gives it a shot goes from within 10lbs of me...pretty much a 200lb loss in two months by just juicing and doing some exercise.... to find out more check out the movie site...

I am telling you this because I wanna give juicing a try...I bought myself a nice juicer...and lots of fruits and vegetables... I wont go as long as the fellows in the movie cause I don't need to lose that much...but starting tomorrow...July 12...all the way until... July 21...I am going to be juicing for every meal...the 10 days should provide a cleansing of my body while also losing around 10lbs....the idea is to reset the taste buds and my current diet so that after the juicing period is over I can start off fresh and actually eat food that's good for me and I can continue juicing (probably down one meal a day)...I don't know what the final result will be but its an experiment in health that I am really excited about.. wish me are some pics of my set up..Ill provide some updates in the days to come..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello World.....How you been?

This blog is my way of venting....rejoicing...sharing...and
caring about things in my life... It doesnt really have a goal or a direction other than to suit my personal needs and interests...I dont really know how deep this journey into blogger cyberspace will take there is only one path to find out.......walk with me and explore!